Honourable Gord Mackintosh

September 26, 2012
Room 330, Legislative Building

450 Broadway
Winnipeg, MB R3C 0V8

Dear Minister Mackintosh:

I am writing to you as someone who had to move away from Winnipeg due to pesticide spraying.  I ask you to support a cosmetic pesticide ban for Manitoba.
I have lived with a medical condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, or Environmental Illness for over twenty years.  I raised my family in Manitoba, mostly in Winnipeg, and had to move away in 2006 in order to preserve my health.  As you might imagine, I miss my family deeply.   I can only visit during the
months that no pesticides will be used (mid-October to end March).

The degree to which my health has improved since leaving Manitoba has astounded me.  While I remain
‘sensitive’, I am much less so, and my overall heath is more reliable.
People in Thunder Bay and Toronto are surprised to learn of the spraying that occurs in Winnipeg.  Meanwhile, there is such a strong culture of pesticide use in Manitoba, that people in Winnipeg suppose that spraying must be happen in Ontario.  Yet there has been a province-wide ban on cosmetic pesticide use here since 2007.  I believe it is up to the elected representatives to respond to the now prolific scientific evidence against the use of cosmestic pesticides, and to show leadership in promoting a fresh and healthy attitude towards outdoor air quality.

I would like to return to Manitoba, but will be able to do so only after a cosmetic pesticide ban is in place, the public educated, and the ban enforced.  For me, this would include organophosphates (e.g. Dursban, Malathion) as well as glyphosphates (e.g. Roundup).

As someone whose body is like a ‘canary in the coalmine’, I can vouch for the positive impacts on human health of an effective cosmetic pesticide ban.   I urge you to work towards such a ban in Manitoba.

Thank you for your attention.


Yours truly,

Robin Faye
c.c. Cosmetic Pesticide Ban Manitoba


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