CPBMB would like to thank all the supporters who came out to our Meet and Greet on April 2. We had a great turn out and were happy with all the networking and exchanging of ideas that happened.  We were able to raise enough money to pay for the appetizers and give some money to Canadian Physicians for the Environment to help pay for the Oracle Poll they initiated.Image

Momentum is still going strong and we are hiring for a Cosmetic Pesticide Educator to continue on with the work and campaigning that needs to happen to create awareness about this important issue.

Our meeting with Gord Mackintosh went well, we still don’t have an update but we learned that Minister Mackintosh is doing a lot of research and work around the issue of cosmetic pesticides and is open to what Manitobans have to say about it.  He indicated that the NDP members of caucus will have input in the development of the legislation or regulation development, which means it is more important than ever to contact your MLA.

For those who questioned the validity of the CAPE poll, the WFP commissioned their own poll which yielded similar results.  Manitoba is ready for a Cosmetic Pesticide Ban, and they deserve one.

If you would like more information please contact cosmeticpesticidebanmb@gmail.com.


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  1. Jane Seniw says:

    As a lmyphoma survivor, I am forced to petition acgainst weed spraying in our
    LUD of Garson-Tyndall every spring, even though we have done this since 2000.
    This is an archaic procedure w/in our Manitoba Conservation policy which needs to be deleted and updated. We have all made progress in how we deal w/ issues but not in this area. In addition, this province is in the dark ages when it comes the ‘weed’ issue –
    we can see the immunity most weed seeds and insects have developed .
    It would be interesting to find the real cost of medical and vet costs following a
    spray in addition to the burden to the medical system, in short and longterms.

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