lawns.JPGOur provincial government is currently soliciting input on the cosmetic pesticide ban that was implemented in Manitoba in 2014. We encourage those who support the ban to respond to the consultation before the deadline of September 12.

We have prepared responses to the consultation questions below, which you are free to use in preparing your own response.


We have also prepared a one-page statement of support for maintaining the current pesticide regulation. If you prefer, you can download and submit this document to

Document: CosmeticPesticideBanOnePage

Manitoba’s Cosmetic Pesticide Ban is a sensible, low-cost public health measure, and protects the most vulnerable members of our communities. It should stay in place.

Want to know who supports the ban on cosmetic pesticides?

Further reading:

This post from Green Action Centre gives a good outline of how the pesticide ban came to be in the first place.

Think that beauty can be more than just a lawn? You might be interested in this article, also from Green Action Centre.


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  1. melissa says:

    please continue to ban the use of all herbicide and pesticides for use in making artificial and unnecessarily pristine residential and commercial landscape.

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