Organic lawn care can range from doing nothing but mowing your lawn to actively overseeding, topdressing and weeding.  Maintaining proper grass and soil health is priceless in the maintenance of a healthy lawn which will outcompete weeds in your lawn for space.  Diversity in nature is standard, so striving for a weed-free lawn is not reasonable.

Manitoba Eco-Network hosts FREE Organic Lawn Care Workshops at Libraries in your community every Spring.

There is some notion that organic lawn care is more expensive and less effective.  Does a lawn that relies on harmful chemicals sound effective to you?  Didn’t think so.  Yes, organic lawn care is more work (we could all use a little more activity in our lives!) and initially it is more expensive than conventional lawn care.  But in the long run, once you build up your soil health and your grass is hearty and diverse, the maintenance required for a beautiful lawn will be less, and the expense as well!  Here is an article that puts the myth organic lawn care is more expensive to rest.  Also, lawn care companies who tell you organic lawn care is less effective are concerned with taking your money and saving their money from converting to organic practices.

You don’t have to purchase expensive organic alternatives either.  Many effect organic weed killers can be found in your home!  Visit Manitoba Eco-Network’s Organic Lawn Care page for recipes and ideas on how to ditch the harmful chemicals and go au-natural!


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